Taking Passport Photos

If you have ever come across a passport, then you have realized that just like other forms of identification, they bear the face of the holder. A passport is a very important document because it discloses your nationality as well as your identity whenever you are in a foreign country. Passports contain things such as a person’s full name, his or her date of birth, citizenship and above all the bearer’s photograph. A lot of people have been caught trying to forge this specific document and hence the Government has come up with stricter rules regarding the taking of passport photos. The stringent rules have had people exercise caution in the taking of this photograph unlike in other identity documents such as national IDs and office identity cards.

To avoid delays at the airport, your passport photo must be of high quality and be free from any imperfection. It is important to note that no editing or enhancements should be done on a passport photo. It is important to note that passports are used for a very long time and as such you should look for ways to look good in your photo so as to avoid the embarrassment of going through airport checkpoints with poor looking photographs. This article seeks to enlighten you on how you can ensure that you look good in your passport photo.

Firstly, decide on where you want your photograph taken. If you are looking to save some money, you can take your passport photo yourself provided you have IT experience. It is important to go through passport photo regulations in your country if you decide to take the photo yourself. It is of utmost importance to have your passport photo taken in a studio if you do not know how to do it and though this will cost, you will be assured of quality results.

A lot of emphasis should be laid on personal appearance and grooming when taking a passport photo. To ensure that you do not appear unkempt in your passport photo, go to your salon and ask to have your styled or cut if you need to shorten it. It is important to ensure that your face is free of makeup but if you have to get it applied prior to having your photo taken ensure that it is very subtle such that nobody would realize that you have makeup on.

Ensure that you get enough sleep prior to you getting your passport photo taken so as to avoid having bags under your eyes. Facial expression is also very important when it comes to passport photographs. Though passport photo regulations do not allow people to smile, you should try as much as possible not to look gloomy. It is important to be relaxed when having your passport photo taken and you can do this by thinking happy thoughts. To help you find the balance between appearing gloomy and smiling, try to practise in front of a mirror.

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